Welcome Letter

The 10th International Conference on Industrial and Business Engineering

Theme: Advancing Industrial and Business Engineering through Cutting-Edge Technologies

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our distinct pleasure to extend a warm invitation to you for The 10th International Conference on Industrial and Business Engineering (ICIBE 2024), to be held in the vibrant and culturally rich city of Bangkok, Thailand from December 13th to 15th, 2024. ICIBE 2024 is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Rangsit University, Thailand, with the technical support of the University of Macau, China, and Mapua University, Philippines. ICIBE 2024 is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Rangsit University, Thailand, with the technical support of the University of Macau, China, and Mapua University, Philippines. This conference serves as an essential platform for professionals, scientists, engineers, educators, students, and researchers from across the globe to come together, fostering the exchange of innovative ideas, insights, and experiences in the vast and ever-evolving domains of Industrial and Business Engineering.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic program that includes a wide array of academic, technical, and industry-related perspectives. At ICIBE 2024, you can anticipate engaging keynote speeches, insightful oral and poster presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities.

The theme of ICIBE 2024 is "Advancing Industrial and Business Engineering through Cutting-Edge Technologies". This theme underscores our commitment to promoting innovative solutions and research in the fields of engineering and business. As we navigate an era of rapid technological advancement and changing business landscapes, it is crucial for all of us to collectively contribute to the development, application, and maturation of Industrial and Business Engineering technologies. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a student, or someone passionate about the advancements in these fields, ICIBE 2024 is the ideal platform for you to learn, share, and connect. We encourage you to join us with your enthusiasm, your commitment to making a difference, and your eagerness to embrace and shape the future of Industrial and Business Engineering.

We look forward to welcoming you to the captivating city of Bangkok and to ICIBE 2024, where your participation will play a vital role in shaping the future of these dynamic disciplines.


Paniti Netinant, Rangsit University, Thailand


Call for Papers (Flyer)

Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings. Please check the topics of ICIBE 2024. The topics are not limited to those as below:

If you don't find your topic, please directly submit your manuscript...

Digital and Intelligent Engineering Management
Digital and Intelligent Manufacturing and Management
Digital Project Management
Digitally Intelligent Safety, Security and Risk Management
Digital and Intelligent Supply Chain Management
Digital and Intelligent Logistics Engineering and Management
Digital Human Resource Management
Digital Marketing Management
Digital and Intelligent Equipment Management
Digital and Intelligent User Behavior Analysis and Service
Social Media and Smart Commerce
Data-Driven Business Management Decisions
Digital-Intelligent Method and Application of Enterprise Risk Early Warning
Public Opinion Analysis and Risk Early Warning
Digital and Intelligent Information Management and Analysis
Research on Digital Intelligence Management Information System
Semantic Web, Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Intelligent Social Governance
Digital and Intelligent Social Governance and Sustainable Development
Digital Platform Management
Digital Economy and Sustainable Development
Intelligent Media and Information Dissemination
Public Crisis management and Intelligent Decision-making
Smart Healthcare and Smart Pension
Fintech empowers innovation in credit risk supervision
Digital Governance and Policy Intelligence
Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles

Design Methods, Tools and Science for Electronic Commerce
Models, Platforms and Applications of E-Commerce
Components, Services and Solutions for E-Commerce
Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering
Service Oriented Software Engineering
Big Data Analysis for E-Commerce
Supercomputing and Simulation of Electronic Commerce
E-Commerce Marketing, Data Mining and Relationship Management
Machine Learning, Cybernetics and Agents for E-Commerce Service Management
Data And Knowledge Engineering for E-Commerce
Workflow and Business Flow Management Tools and Methods of E-Commerce

Digital Intelligence Empowers Industry Development
Digital And Intelligent Industrial Chain Management
New Digital Infrastructure Empowers Smart Cities
Digital Economy and High-Quality Urban Development
Blockchain Empowers Smart Cities
Network Economy and Knowledge Management
Manufacturing Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation of The Service Industry
Restructuring The Manufacturing System in The Digital Era
Digital Trade and Digital Industry Development
Circulation Law and Management Technology of Data Elements
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

Important Dates

July 20th, 2024
August 20th, 2024
September 20th, 2024